GOLDMUD W17 presentation

GDS (Dusseldorf) 6 to 28 February
Micam (Milan) 11 to 14 February

I choose my land

S17 collection

We travel south, and start a new journey. We are immediately brought back to the past, which simultaneously becomes the future, inspired in a lapse of emotions, experiences, colours and patterns, by the ones that inhabit these lands - the primitive wisdom allied to the contemporary, the traditional to the urban, the natural elegance and sobriety in detail to the irreverence and modernity; brought to our every day, through a collection which combines classic to casual, in refined forms, which praise sophistication, aesthetics and comfort.

GOLDMUD S17 presentation

GDS (Dusseldorf) 26 to 28 July
Micam (Milan) 3 to 6 September

I choose my way

Winter 16 collection

On the quest for the primordial, physical and spiritual we are about to begin a journey through the cold lands. The Nomad tribes are our point of reflection and inspiration. Endowed with a strong aesthetic sense and functionality, though living in inhospitable places, these people's innovative capacity grants our passage a source of inspiration for reating unique textures and mixing materials. Their primitive state envisions the new future. This is our way.