We are a history

Goldmud is a portuguese footwear brand founded in 2007 – as result of a family’s business passion – that combines “savoir faire” and cutting edge technologies, allied to comfort based design.

We are gold and mud combined

With a clearly defined identity, we experience the freedom of choosing our mood, what we want to be at all times.

We belong to no one and to everyone, to our room and to the whole world simultaneously. We are part of the new urban tribes, moved by common taste and behaviour tendencies. We are the gold and the mud in harmony regardless of their differences.

We are what we choose

Youth without age, we intensively live every experience life grants us. We value our origins and history but we get our inspiration from diversity. Urban by choice, always searching for new languages and trends, we travel the world, open to other cultures, faces and perspectives, which we apply to our image in a unique style.

With a clearly defined identity we are what we want at all times, making our choices within the mood of the moment.

Life is what i choose

Being Goldmud is to be a decisive me, determined and focused on one self. It is not about being selfish but rather being someone surer of what one values, someone who likes to be appreciated as an example to follow, but not making it their life’s purpose.

The strength of the i

We reinforce the i and its choices, we reinforce life and multiple options, we reinforce each one’s individuality.

This is also the concept of our shoes. Straighter and minimalist lines clearly stating what we are. We don’t need excess to prove or point, which is reflected in details and in a timeless style, allied to the selfishness of comfort and well-being.

The Goldmud team

Being part of Goldmud team is more than working in group. Being part of Goldmud is to be part of a singular vision and a unique project with a strong personality. As a team we reinforce the i. The i for integration, for impulsiveness and impetuosity.

In every detail and chosen material you will feel our strenght and dedication to develop unique shoes for unique people.

Proudly made in Portugal

Over the past 20 years portuguese footwear companies have begun to establish their own creative teams and discovering the potential of portuguese design. The growth of the portuguese footwear industry has been internationally recognized. Know-how, singular design and first class materials are three key factors that distinguish “made in Portugal” as a fantastic brand.

Golmud is part of this great success and we are extremely proud of it.

2007 – Prémio Inovação Fileira do Calçado – Marca Revelação
Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal

2008 – Prémio Inovação Fileira do Calçado – Calçado Inovador
Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal

2012 – Prémio Inovação Fileira do Calçado – Calçado Inovador
Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal

2015 – Melhor Filme/Marca
Fashion Film Festival
O filme Goldmud foi vencedor em 3 categorias no Porto Fashion Film Festival:
Melhor Filme de Marca
Melhor Realizador
Melhor Fotografia